Our Story

Paintbrush is a wedding videography company made up of a group of friends who love the beauty of marriage. We're passionate about people, traveling, and good food . We take a small, select number of weddings each year to guarantee we're all in on your Big Day. You're not just a client, but friends. Paintbrush Weddings is based in Los Angeles, but serves the world! We've traveled up and down both coasts, shooting destination weddings from San Diego to Portland and New Jersey to Maine.
You supply the paint, and we’ll make a painting worth more than a 1000 words.

Our Style

- Authentic shooting-style: The authentic moments are what you will remember the most, not the directed cliché shots. We try to remain inconspicuous throughout the day to capture those RAW moments.
- Cinematic and "You"-Driven: Each couple is unique. We get to know you to understand your music tastes and how to craft a video that is truly you. There's no generic template to force your unique story into. Each video is 100% you. 
- People-centric: The people who stand by you on your Big Day are what's important. They're our focus, not the table-decor and flowers.

The Artists

Andrew Schundler

Andrew works as the business head for Paintbrush. Alongside his duties for Paintbrush Andrew is a producer and editor. Outside of work, Andrew is a world-traveler and die-hard food lover. You'll typically find him with an iced vanilla latte at whatever the local coffee shop is.
(IG: @aschundler)

Jeffrey Prosser

Jeff is the day-of lead for Paintbrush. Outside Paintbrush, Jeff wears many creative hats including writing / directing for films, commercials and music videos, part-timing as an assistant to a well-known Painter and developing a start-up VR/Theatre company with Andrew.
(IG: @jeffpross)