Looking Into the Mystery of Marriage

“After years of being married, what would be your advice be for a young couple soon to be married?” Award winning documentarian Doug Bloc (known for 51 Birch Street and The Kids Grow Up) searched for that answer. In his most recent film, 112 Weddings, Bloc set to interview the couples who years earlier he got to be part of their wedding day. He wondered where these couples were. Did they make it? Is marriage everything they thought it would be? This film caught our eye for sure! And we thought it might be an interesting movie for you to watch!

The film is now available on iTunes and will be out on DVD August 25th, 2014. Although I have yet to see it, I wanted to share it with you guys. In his director’s statement on the film’s website, www.112weddings.com, Bloc states, “Ultimately, I think 112 Weddings is also a film about time. It’s about what time does to our looks, our beliefs, our expectations and our feelings about our partners. The one thing we know for certain when we marry is that life will throw all sorts of unexpected stuff at us and things will change. How we deal with it together as a couple is our ultimate barometer of success.”. Just off this, I am definitely excited to see what Bloc discovers.

If you get the chance to see the movie, leave a comment below on what you thought of it! We will write up another post once we sit down ourselves to see it!