An Exciting Season for Paintbrush Weddings

Hi everyone!

Since starting Paintbrush Weddings, I have wanted to begin a blog that has a range of different content for brides and anyone as in love with love as we are. But even bigger than that, I wanted to create a community. A blog that provides content that is helpful, funny, interesting, and engaging. And that time has come.

Going forward, we are setting out to provide you with content ranging from wedding tips, venue reviews, poetry, equipment reviews for the geeks like myself, and much much more. This will complement all of our wedding posts for the films we create. This is all thanks to the growing team here at Paintbrush. We are excited to announce the addition of two bloggers for Paintbrush Weddings, Elizabeth Ketema and Emily Justiniano. They will be bringing you content as well as myself and Isaac for the upcoming fall. We are so excited to see where this goes! Talk to you soon.

Andrew Schundler